BICES Beijing 2017

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BICES Beijing 2017

On September 20, the 14th China (Beijing) international construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery technical exchange and exhibition  will be officially opened. Each session of the BICES exhibition, there are always some interesting pictures and shots make me so bright.Naturally,this year is without exception. I took the first time to participate in the exhibition with the excitement.And i had a great time spending the next few days.Let us follow the lens, and go to the scene to see it!

Before the opening, we are prepared nervously, waiting for the exhibition team to enter.

No figure no truth.Now,i will show you a wave of beautiful pictures,to feel the popularity of MTW-blades.

Outsiders watch the fun, expert line! If the tour of the audience is attracted by the beauty, then, this group of real professional customers and buyers are completely impressed by the quality of MTW-blades.