MTW In Intermat Paris

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MTW In Intermat Paris

With the conclusion of the Bauma exhibition in South Africa, 

we have entered a new round of preparations for the exhibition. 

This time our destination was romantic Paris, the first time we saw the exhibition, 

it felt that the exhibition was more artistic and colorful than the South African exhibition.

Our enterprise color is yellow, and yellow is the most luminous color of all the colors.

 It gives the impression of light, transparent, brilliant, full of hope and vitality. 

It has the meaning of sunshine and spring, and is generally regarded as a happy and hopeful color, which is very compatible with this French exhibition.

The 3 day French exhibition, the booth is crowded with people coming to consult and negotiate business.

 We met a lot of new friends to discuss, find new breakthroughs.

 And meet with our old friends and partners are happier to open a blueprint for innovation.

See you next exhibition!